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Voluntary Youth Service Agreement

When asked how long it takes child protection professionals to support this new youth population, Agency staff agreed that they would need more time, not least because working with older youth can take longer to integrate and build relationships. That`s why it`s especially important that the Ontario government ensure that children`s aid organizations are sufficiently equipped to deal with this change in the law. (Find out here what else the child protection industry is asking for for this choice.) As of January 1, 2018, children`s aid organizations are required, under the Child and Family Services Act, to make the full range of protection services available to all eligible youth in the year 16 or 17. This is a big step forward for young people who cannot live safely at home. Link with Kin, Community – Culture: Maintaining links with family, community and culture is necessary for life planning and positive outcomes for youth. Cas of Toronto continues its efforts to address the disproportion and systemic inequalities that affect youth. We are committed to adopting safe cultural practices and supporting the removal of structural barriers that affect all marginalized youth. A VYSA can be manufactured for a period of 12 months. Your child can terminate the agreement at any time. The contract automatically expires if they are 18 years old. Some services may be free. Others you might have to pay.

Please tell CAS if you can afford to pay for certain services, as they may have a shorter waiting list. You may need protective services if you experience physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and/or task, or if you are at risk of doing one of these things. If you left your country because you are concerned about safety or the risk of damage to your home, or if you are homeless, you may be eligible for benefits from a children`s aid organization (society). If you feel that you may need coverage, but you are not sure you are eligible, you can contact your local society. You can find your local company in your local phone lists or, if available, at 411. In some municipalities, societies are referred to as „family and child services,“ „child and family services,“ or „child and family services.“