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This Agreement Shall Be Executed In Duplicate

CONSIDERING that Part 1 z.B wishes to maintain the services of Part 2 in accordance with (with)/in agreement with)/in accordance with)/in obedience (to)/in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; or counterparty clauses are also useful if the parties to an agreement wish to ensure that each copy of a contract is recognized as original. Parties often require more than an original copy of an agreement for tax, regulatory or other purposes. Technically, all parties, when executing a certain number of copies of the same document, are more duplicates than counter-parties, and, as a result, some lawyers also refer to duplicates in the counterparty clause. b) Part 1 z.B. provides Part 2 with the following services/works/goods; or IN WITNESS, whose contracting parties signed and sealed this agreement as an act, but did not deliver it until after its date. (a) This agreement is executed on 12 January 2005 (or, alternatively, on the twelfth day of January, two thousand and five if the context may require it) by and between Part 1 and Part 2; or d) Part 1 has the right. B to provide services to Part 2 in . B the provision of these services to a third party, including the party`s 1 companies/subsidiaries/subsidiaries/affiliated subsidiaries. The concept of signing a contract in double counterparties, considered original, is often expressed in Spanish contracts as firmado por duplicado ejemplar has a s`lo efecto or with similar wording. (c) when a party is delayed in the execution because of the circumstances of force majeure, it communicates in writing to the other party, as soon as possible or as soon as possible, a written notification of that delay or omission, as well as a statement of facts on the basis of which it bases its right to a case of force majeure.

The existence of a case of force majeure and its nature should be confirmed by the presentation by the competent part of the written certificate of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The party that occurs late or does not occur due to a force majeure event takes all reasonable steps to minimize the effects of the force majeure event; or f) This agreement was written in English and Ukrainian and executed in two copies (two) with the same legal force and authenticity.