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Texas Insurance Agreement

(14) „insurer“: any person who has entered into insurance transactions in that state, who claims to do, do or do, and who is or has been subject to authorization, rehabilitation, reorganization, supervision or retention by an insurance commissioner.  For the purposes of this chapter, all of the other individuals listed in Section 443.003 are insurers. Texans know that driving varies from city to city. What you need for auto insurance in Houston may be different from what you need for auto insurance in Austin, Dallas or San Antonio. Make sure you gather as much information as possible to make the right decision about your auto insurance needs. (15) „compensation agreement“: a contract or agreement, including conditions that have been incorporated by reference to a contract or agreement, and a captain`s agreement (including all schedules, confirmations, definitions and complements to the agreement and transactions under the agreement; Schedules, confirmations, definitions or supplements must be treated as a compensation agreement that documents one or more transactions between the contracting parties or agreements relating to one or more eligible financial contracts and provides, between the parties to the compensation agreement, the compensation or liquidation of qualified financial contracts, commitments or payment rights under the agreement or agreement, including liquidation or settlement values related to the rights or agreement. (25) „reinsurance“: transactions or contracts by which a taker insurer agrees to compensate an insurer that withdraws from all or part of the loss that the casual insurer may suffer as part of the policies it has cancelled or must issue. (A) issuing or providing insurance contracts to residents or covering a risk established in that state; In Texas, you need proof of auto insurance if/if you: (31) „unauthorized insurer“ means an insurer that does the insurance business in that state that does not make that state a certificate of authority or some other type of authority that allows the activity of insurance in that state. (3) „buy-back contract“: a reverse pension contract and an agreement, including the terms and conditions providing for the transfer of certificates of deposit, acceptance of bankers or legitimate securities; U.S. direct commitments regarding the transfer of funds by the purchaser of certificates of deposit, the beneficiaries of the certificates of deposit, the rights holders of the bank or securities, with the concomitant agreement of the purchaser for the transfer of certificates of deposit, bankers or eligible securities, as described in this subdivision, on request or on a specified date that is not after one year after the transfer, to transfer deposits to the transfer.  For the purposes of this subdivision, items that may be subject to a retirement contract: TxDOT requires that good insurance coverage be maintained according to the project.