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Uts Agreement

(g) approval of this agreement and with all additions and amendments. (i) its employees, executives, representatives or advisors who must be aware of this information for the purpose of exercising the rights of the party or the performance of its obligations arising from or related to this agreement. Each party ensures that its employees, senior managers, representatives or advisors to whom it discloses the other party`s confidential information comply with this clause 13.2; and pursuant to the agreement, UTS will transfer its assets, with a Fort Hills interest, to a newly created company and Total E-P Canada will pay a cash amount of C$3.08 (CAO) per share for the acquisition of UTS. Based on the cash held by UTS and acquired by Total (CAD 355 million, or CAD 0.73 per share), Total`s acquisition cost is approximately CAD 1.15 billion (CAD 2.35 per share). (b) Each party agrees not to resort to corrective action with respect to declarations, assurances, insurance or guarantees (innocent or negligent) that are not provided for in this agreement. Each party accepts that it is not entitled to false or negligent statement or false negligent testimony on the basis of a statement made in this agreement. The conditions of employment at the UTS are determined by various laws, collective agreements, common law and university police, practice and statutes. The User Agreement july 7, 2010: Total E-P Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Total, has signed an agreement with UTS Energy Corporation (UTS) to acquire UTS Corporation with its principal asset, a 20% interest in the Fort Hills mining project in the Athabasca region of the Canadian province of Alberta. 3.1 TDLR registration conditions are those that UTS makes available to the customer under this agreement. Leasing-U. The T.-Institut institution must register with TDLR any lease of more than $12,000 per year by submitting a completed „State Lease Registration“ form to the TDLR. This requirement applies to both initial leases and lease renewals. (Texas Administrative Code, Title 16, Section 68.101 (a)).

If a lease has an estimated construction cost of $50,000 or more, the U.S. T. Leasing institution must ensure that the design professional with overall responsibility for the design of the building or furnishings (or the owner of the specialized building or furnishings, If there is no design professional with global responsibility), a completed „TDLR Project Registration“ or „Architectural Barriers Project Registration Page“ form and the corresponding construction documents for the project will be forwarded to TDLR (Texas Administrative Code, Title 16, Sections 68.50 and 68.101). The forms listed in this subsection (c) are available on the TDLR website for architectural form: www.tdlr.texas.gov/ab/abforms.htm. (a) This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and replaces and removes all agreements, commitments, assurances, guarantees, assurances and agreements between them, in writing or orally, concerning their purpose. 3.2 The conditions in Sections 13-15 of the Balance of Goods Act 1979 are excluded, as far as possible, from the agreement unanimously recommended by the UTS Board of Directors. As part of an agreement plan, UTS will recommend to its shareholders that it accept Total`s acquisition of the company. UTS will soon publish the documents relating to the registration of the arrangement. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals from Canadian authorities and the adoption of the Plan of Agreement by at least 66.67% of UTS shareholders participating in a special shareholder meeting.