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Student Placement Agreement Vic

There are five main types of placement agreements for students who work at the Federation University and support mandatory requirements for all students who take any type of integrated learning as part of their program or course work at Federation University. These can take the form of: While we can`t guarantee job offers at OHV after you`re placed, we`re growing fast and often promoting new roles. If you have a successful internship and we feel you are a „good fit,“ we strongly advise you to apply for relevant roles listed on our career page as soon as you finish your studies. Many of our collaborators started as students with the OHV. The role of the student will be to help the team engage and support families. The student will follow the case managers throughout the interaction periods, including: The student placement contract concluded and signed between the student and the FedUni must be posted online in your personal student profile in the InPlace student placement system. The university is required to regularly review and renew study intermediation agreements that meet the specific needs of an external intermediary, or when an intermediation contract is initiated by an external intermediary. These student placement agreements are necessary for specific WIL requirements, such as current agreements. B clinical internships in a number of disciplines and programs. Students from Aborigine and Torres Strait Islander are encouraged to apply. At OHV, we engage in student internships that benefit students, our organization and especially the people we work with. They will be on site and doing a variety of work that will directly affect people with alcohol and drug problems. A questionable result during your police check does not automatically exclude you from an OHV placement.

We recognize that clients can benefit from working with staff and students who have strong experience and limitations. In addition, we recognize that the healing of drug and alcohol abuse is a journey and that, therefore, applicants may have a police registration. OhV defends the safety of children and has no tolerance for behaviours that endanger the safety of children. Anyone who is issued a negative reference to his work with children check is not allowed for a placement with us. If the FedUni has an ongoing relationship with an external provider offering several regular and consistent internships for FedUni students, the WIL coordinator should request a study intermediation agreement. All cross-cutting agreements must be requested through the law firm using a legal application. Ongoing clinical internships for FedUni students with external health care providers in the public health and private health sectors follow the guidelines of the Department of Health and Health Services, Victoria.