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Delivery Agreement For Outcome 8

Modernisation of informal settlements: as of 30 September 2013, 263,989 households have received improved services, which corresponds to the achievement of the 65.9% target for services for 2014. The provinces had provided 205,239 formal housing units to households in informal settlements, of which an estimated 123,143 units were built on newly served sites. In terms of overall achievement, 382,915 households received improved services, in line with the 95.7% target for 2014. Some provinces achieved extraordinarily good results, while other provinces were below their targets The National Modernization Support Programme (NUSP): technical assistance for the modernization of informal settlements was present in 24 municipalities. A provincial progress report has been tabled. Strengthening the supply of well-located rental housing: the department has developed 46.5% of the target for 2014 below the average. Taking into account private rental units, they were 47,557 units (59.4% of the 2014 target). Municipal accreditation: Six metros are expected to have achieved Level 3 accreditation by July 2014, meaning that subsidies have been paid directly to them and allowed them to take full control of housing provision in their territories. The Finance and Finance Committee had identified a number of operational issues that are currently attracting attention. The deadline for the signing of these agreements is still under negotiation. Efficient use of land for human development: there have been many challenges in the areas of capital financing for acquisition, the period of land rotation, the participation of companies on land, functional claims on certain priority real estate, poor planning and preparation for land acquisition and release; some surfaces need to be renovated and would cost a lot of money.

Improved real estate market: the department has reached 55.3% of its target for 2014 for the provision of 600,000 housing finance opportunities. The performance of this production target has been weak due to the lack of development of real estate markets and the economy. The insurance system, the Default Insurance Scheme (MDI), designed to encourage credit institutions to make more loans, also did not exist. ▪ what mechanisms have been used for monitoring, whether there is any reporting mechanism and how often monitoring has been carried out; ▪ planning seemed to be Human Settlements` biggest challenge, ▪ how accredited metros would be monitored to ensure they followed good practices, ▪ the need to accelerate the construction of rental housing to accommodate people moving to urban areas ▪ what has been done with credit losses ▪ formalization of informal settlements has not continued the current circumstances ▪ the rural masses, given that the focus was on cities ▪ that requested a review of informal settlements that were well ▪, which was done in terms of the number of homes sold illegally, ▪ NDoH had not provided alternatives to ensure that its goals were met. . . .