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Coach Athlete Agreement

I understand that student-athletes are visible representatives of the institution both on and off campus, whose behavior is often closely studied by the media and the public. Student and athlete behaviour influences public perception of institutional ethics, department of athletics standards, and the character of the student population. It is therefore an expectation that student-athletes show consistent exemplary behavior, sportsmanship and self-control. Specifically, the above model agreement is an excerpt from a manuscript prior to its publication that is to be published in 2013: Lopiano, D.A. and Zotos, C. (Publication 2013) The Athletics Director`s Desk Reference. Champaign, IL: Human kinematics. Do not use without verification by your institutional legal counsel. Creating a culture of personal responsibility requires employees and student-athletes to ensure that there will be no retaliation against those who report violations of governance rules or violations of misconduct guidelines. Staff and student-athletes are expected to report these concerns to the Athletic Director or to the Institutional Ombudsman for this purpose.

I understand that the Department of Athletics is committed to philosophy, that student-athletes are first and foremost students, and that all student-athletes must demonstrate behaviors that show a commitment to maximizing academic success as their top priority. I understand that the Department of Athletics has developed the following standards, strategies and policies to maximize the opportunity for student-athletes to achieve their academic goals. I understand that I have an obligation to adhere to these standards: I understand that fitness and training programs to prepare for athletic performance, as designed and supervised by coaches and support staff (coaches, strength coaches, etc.), require intense physical activity, constant feedback and the creation of benchmarks to maximize the potential and success of each athlete. I understand that participation in training and teaching is an educational process that requires collaboration between athletic staff and student-athletes, especially since such collaboration aims to minimize the risks inherent in intense physical activities that can also be mentally and emotionally challenging. That is why I understand the need and accept the following participation responsibilities: I understand that team unity and team chemistry are key variables for a positive and successful athletics experience. Commitment to team goals is a must, which can sometimes take precedence over individual goals. However, I understand that the athletics department does not have a team culture based on bullying or mandatory loyalty to questionable practices and requires that all student-athletes be treated fairly by coaches, support staff and teammates.