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Child Support Agreement Ph

My child`s father is in the United Arab Emirates with his wife and 4 children. They live comfortably in a beautiful apartment. My daughter is illegitimate and was recognized by her father. He doesn`t support my daughter, and when I ask him for help with school fees, he would always say he has no money and is fighting. My daughter and I also live in the United Arab Emirates (under my sponsorship). I allow him to see my daughter whenever he asks, and when he returns, there will be no allowance. Can I force him to support his daughter? I am a 2-year-old single mother and one of my sons is a U.S. citizen. I am not married to his Filipino father, who lives in San Diego, California, I decided to separate from him because of his endless acts as a women. Since then, he sometimes does not provide any financial assistance to our 10-year-old son. I don`t have money to pay for a lawyer, because I also take care of my 75-year-old widowed morher, Please help me because my son can`t take his exam in time for the last two years, because his father sends money whenever he wants. I also have care for my hypertension and asthma.

I ask you to help me with the future of my 10-year-old son. I would be very happy if you could respond. Thank you very much and God bless. Yes. Single-parent families have the right to demand legal pecuniary rights, since the Philippine Constitution of 1987 contains provisions on family allowances that cooperate with the Violence against Women and Children Act. The law stipulates that the amount of assistance granted is what the father can afford and what the child needs. These two aspects will be taken into consideration and the court will then decide what is necessary. This means that not only parents are obliged to provide support, but also legitimate ancestors and descendants. If grandparents have ways to increase support, as the father is not able to provide sufficient support, the commitment is transferred to them. My husband has a child with his ex-wife.

Since then, he has paid the tuition plus stipend plus school supplies. . . .