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Auto Debit Agreement Bdo

Sun Synergy Client Authorization Form – Please submit this form if you would like an automatic payment of the life insurance renewal premium for your investment fund investment. accessToken: is used for customer authorization and direct debit of a given wallet After the user has completed the authorization, the dealer can use the access bar to directly initiate direct debits. There is no need to go through the authorization process again for each payment. For self-debit payments, the pay, inquiryPayment and cancel interfaces must be integrated. Call the payment interface to initiate a direct debit with the following required URL: Once the authorization is complete, the automatic payment can be made as long as the access bar is valid, without the need to launch an authorization for each payment. Due to risk control requirements, digital wallets have different validity periods in different countries. The minimum validity is one year. The following table shows the validity period of PMP: osType wallets: the dealer`s mobile operating system, including iOS or Android Use it to request credit for your payment to your BPI account…